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1What do I get out of interim management?
The biggest advantage is probably the timely availability of candidates. Interim managers and freelancers are available immediately or at very short notice. They are a focused and expert support for all your projects.
2How much does interim management cost at Effectful?
This depends on various factors. Please feel free to send us an individual inquiry and we will be able to help you.
3I need a freelancer for a longer period of time. Is that possible?
Basically yes. You set the pace - and determine how long the freelancer should support you. However, since we also care about our freelancers, we discuss every service assignment - even very short ones - with our talents.
4Do you really only offer freelancers for these four areas?
Yes. This is the only way to ensure that we can provide highly qualified freelancers.
5How long does interim management take?
It all depends on your project. If you give us the order for a longer project, we will set the search parameters accordingly. Upon completion of the project, the interim managers immediately withdraw. Freelancers come to go.
6Can I get to know the freelancer beforehand?
Of course. This also gives freelancers the opportunity to get to know you and your company. So if you are interested, we will be happy to put you in touch.
7I would like to end the cooperation. How does it work and how long does it take?
As already mentioned, when using a freelancer you remain flexible. You can end the cooperation as quickly as you started it. Fast, uncomplicated and flexible. This is what our professional interim management stands for.

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