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Effectful Recruitment

The recruitment consultants for companies in the greater Berlin area.

What can we do for you?

Effectful Recruitment

The recruitment consultants for companies in greater Berlin.

What can we do for you?

Finding employees

Our recruitment consultants will ensure that you fill vacant positions quickly.

With the people who fit into your team - in terms of qualifications and personality.

Our calling

As your recruitment consultancy we support your search for experts in a customized way.

As quickly as possible and as extensively as necessary. Until your vacancy is filled.


Since our founders have filled various management positions themselves, they speak your language.

This makes recruiting much easier from the first meeting to employment.

Well connected

From our office in Berlin-Mitte we overlook our network in the entire capital region.

We know the market and the people who work in it.

Soft skills create hard facts.

It is a given for us, that a qualified candidate not only has the right education, but also possess decisive soft skills.

Which soft skills play an especially important role in your environment? Already during the selection process, we make sure that the candidates bring the right skillset to the table.

Analysis capability

Good candidates grasp extensive and complex contexts in a short time. They know the importance of highlighting the essentials and acting accordingly.


Skilled candidates want to thrive further in a positive sense - driving themselves, their colleagues and the entire company to new heights.

Emotional intelligence

It is especially important for managers to be able to empathize with the concerns and problems of colleagues in order to make decisions emphatically.


In a rapidly changing working world, good candidates demonstrate agility. They adapt quickly to new situations and can solve challenges swiftly.


It is not easy to make decisions. But in the end, this is what comes being a manager is all about. Our candidates show initiative in everyday life.



In the course of their careers, high-quality specialists and managers have already learned how to deal with pressure and possible backlogs so they can adapt, overcome and grow from them.

We can´t do everything.

But we are experts in one.

Years of experience in recruitment

This enables us to put ourselves in your shoes and to understand your problems, ideas and wishes.


We focus entirely on specialists and executives in Berlin. This makes us to specialists for your hiring needs.

Fill your vacancy with the right employee.

Your designated contact person is looking forward to getting to know you.