Automation, digitalization, AI and Industry 4.0 - the rapid development of the industry obliges engineers to continuously train and specialize. We build the bridge between the sought-after candidate and the suitable company. The building material for this is our considerable network. These include development engineers, designers and hardware developers. All highly qualified and experienced, of course.


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And when do you change your mind?

Finding a new employer who can bring all your desires under one roof seems impossible. As a company, you will not find qualified professionals who identify with your company.

It is precisely these problems that are the focus of our consulting and mediation activities. As an experienced personnel consultancy with a focus on engineers, we work in a solution-oriented and pragmatic manner.

Experience shows that not much works without a strong network. Rely on the professionals who have just such a network. Go for Effectful Recruitment.

In the last ten years, we have been able to place many project managers, development engineers, hardware developers, etc. You can rely on us.

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